This is why we love Grandma's...

Because I think Laurie sat in that chair for hours while Emmit slept on her. Seriously she was there for at least 3 hours in that chair. Emmit this is your first meeting with your Unlce Ian.

This is Josh and Ian wearing some of their dads Harley leather motorcycle jackets. Looks good boys.
Again this is Laurie holding Emmit this time standing in the kitchen probably for hours while he slept.
The Johnston family was all smiles this night...

Daddy Daughter Dance

This is why all dads need to have a daughter...

So you can spend the night chasing your little girl around the dance floor, spend a good amount of time keeping her away from the cupcake table, trying to convince her to look at the photographer when there is a long line of other dads and daughter waiting and best of all trying to keep your daughters clothes on.

Grace you were the best looking daughter at the dance and you were also the most wild.

Josh can't wait until the next dance!
Special thanks to Papa and Indira for helping with clean up and for paying for the bar tab after the dance... Hey Mama needed a strong drink after a event like this.


Please don't move to Japan...

Just joking. Your family is going to have a amazing adventure in Japan. Sandy you are a excellent mom and definitely raise the bar high when it comes to being a good mommy. It was great to spend the weekend with you and Austin and for sure I will see you soon.


Future Heart Breakers

This was the scene of Grace's last dance class for this session. Her and Natalie of course were inseparable.
What's next for little Ms. Grace?

The pool...

Bloggers get ready to watch these two ladies hit the deck and make a splash!

Whats new with little Grace. Well she is not so little.
She loves anything to do with a princess. She likes to dress like a princess, sing like a princess and dance llike a princess.
Grace is the queen of "shhhhhhhing" anyone who is too loud around her sleeping baby brother.
She loves pizza, her rain boots and her boy Emmit.
Don't get me wrong it's not all sunshine and peaches.
Grace has a strong personality and has started to lay down on her stomach and kick at times when she is told no. It's so funny. She also talks with her hands and will shake her hand no no when she doesn't want to do something she needs to do.
Got to love it.

"Everyone does it Brooke"

This is a great story.
Brooke's first St. Pats Day Dash I was able to convince her to dress up in 80's running gear. OK let's face it, I didn't have to convince her too much.

I told her "everyone does it Brooke".

Well maybe not everyone. But what a great time the two of us had dressing up to run the 3.5 miles to a beer garden.

We were laughing, sweating and well just a distraction to everyone around us that day.

Josh just loves it when I wear this wig!!!
Yes we will both be there this Sunday to run. Brooke will be pregnant and walking, bless her heart and I will be wearing that bright multi colored jacket! Sorry no wig this year. I can't seem to find it...


3 Months & Still Growing

3 months today.
No I cannot believe it.
Emmit's outfit is size 12 month.
He smiles big and is starting to get that Johnston dimple in his right cheek.
His eyes are blue and changing color each day.
He prefers mama's milk over any formula we try to make for him.
He likes belly time.
He is always full of gas.
He is starting to laugh.
He is amazing!


It's a big deal for Josh and I to own a BOB. For any of you who know the price of these top of the line baby joggers, know that people like us had to eat Top Ramon for a month so that we could afford such a luxury item for our kids.
Oh to think of all the places the BOB will go...


I love my nephew

Thank you Jackson for bringing me so much joy and for being so excited for me to paint your nails last weekend. I will for sure be telling your first girlfriend that you like hot pink nail polish!