Messy Me

What can you believe that I forgot to bring my camera to Grace's first round of Messy Me? I say first round because I teach this class twice a year and you can be in the class until your 3 years old. So Grace still has five more rounds.
Anyways, it was priceless. Take my word for it, Grace was covered head to toe in men's shaving cream. She also covered her hands in blue paint and then ran her hands in her golden hair. The other mom's who were smarter then I or not brave enough to let their child go for it were saying stuff like, " Oh my" and " Boy that Grace is a mess".
The class is called Messy Me and Grace was the perfect example of it.
We also had our first play dough experience. It smelled like Kool- Aid, so you guessed it Grace ate it.
Good times. Next week when we paint with pudding I'll make sure to bring my camera.


Baby Beau Meets The Yo Yo's

Brooke you are a natural mother. Come on let's start making some friends for Grace and Beau.

Tamsan,Me, Grace, Sarah, Beau and Brooke!

What a great afternoon I had watching my dear friend Sarah hold her new baby boy Beau. Already he looks like his mother, lets see if he gets her spunky personality. I hope so. All the stories that I can share with baby Beau about his mum...

Tamsan is still on her honeymoon glow with her man Joe.

Brooke is in the best shape I've ever seen her with all the training for the marathon she is hoping to STILL due this July.

Grace was a good girl and showed interested in the little baby boy Beau just as we were leaving. Go figure. Next time watch Beau, I think Grace will be coming right for you.


Will Miss You

Wait let me brush my tears away. I"m leaving tomorrow morning for the rest of the week to attend a conference in Eastern Washington. Four days will be the longest that I've been away from my little princess.
It makes me said. A co- worker just told me it gets easier as they get holder and then you start to worry again if there getting into your liqueur cabinet.
Which made me think Josh and I do not have a liqueur cabinet. 1) We don't drink the hard stuff too often and 2) If it were in the house we would just drink it all

I will miss my family this week...

Grace's First Blue Bird Day

The proud Grandparents!

Kicking back at the top of the mountain.

Grace is getting ready for the first chair lift ride.

Grace & Rainier

This might be our x-mas card!

Down the hill they go.

We took Grace up to Crystal Mountain for her first day on the hill. I think she was excited, scared and curious all at the same time.

She loved being in the back pack and would make the "Weeeeeeee" sounds when we were going down hill.

Cousin Jack's 3rd B-Day At The Zoo

Carly just trying to stay cool.

Grace more into the football then Jack.

Jack & Grace getting a free ride from Josh.

Love birds! Great party at the zoo.

Maui and his daughter Kai. aka Grace's new BFF.

Jack's favorite color pink!

Jack that gorilla is not real.

Grace taking it all in.

Make a wish Jack!

Mmmmmmmmm angel food cake.

At the zoo!

Grace and Kai looking at the farm animals.

Grandma & Grandpa and their two Granddaughters.

It was a busy day at the zoo.

Grace is thinking, " Is that you Grandpa?"

On the hottest day of the year so far the family got together at the zoo to celebrate Jack's 3rd Birthday. It was a great day of cup cakes, sippy cups & the animals!


My Rugby Playing Aunt

Not sure what is going on ere, but Morgs is lifting her teammate up by her shorts.

Lots of lower body strength going on here.

This hourse liked Josh's jacket.

Grace & I just taking it all in.

Warm ups.

That took a lot of courage for Morgs to wear that shirt in front of 3 WildCats.

Run Grace run, Aunty Morgs is going to tackle you and it will hurt.

Again not sure what is happening, but it is intense.

This weekend Grace and the Johnston family heading north to Bellingham to watch the WWU Flames ( aka the rugby team) kick some butt on a team from CA. I realized why I only lasted one week at CWU playing rugby. These chicks are hard and very aggressive. Good thing there were horses near by to distract Grace from all the rough play, although I do think she was very entertained by it all.

Aunty Morgan (Josh's little sis) is number 1 on the team. We are so proud of her, she is like really good at this sport. What I am amazed at is that they all kick the you know what out of each other, then they go have one big social together. Love that.


15 months

Grace is officially 15 months old. We had her check up on Monday of this week. Here are her numbers:
95% For the size of her HEAD ( Lots of smarts in there)
50% For her height ( Let's hope those Brosseau genes kick in soon)
50% For her weight ( Let's hope she maintains this)

All good numbers, doctor is happy and we are happy.

Growing up so fast. Next doctor appointment is when she turns 2. That is going to come quick I imagine.

QT Time With Grandma & Papa Brosseau

Last weekend Grace and I spent the weekend at the parents house. Cooked meals, relaxing, mommy got time to get a pedicure and do some shopping. Of course I only shopped for Grace. Nothing beats a weekend spend with your parents!

Trip To the Seattle Aquarium

Peter, Jack, Grace & I went to the Seattle Aquarium last Saturday. Jack was into the fish, Grace was into Jack, Peter had to keep track of Jack and I had to keep up with Grace. It was one busy morning of fun.