Messy Me

What can you believe that I forgot to bring my camera to Grace's first round of Messy Me? I say first round because I teach this class twice a year and you can be in the class until your 3 years old. So Grace still has five more rounds.
Anyways, it was priceless. Take my word for it, Grace was covered head to toe in men's shaving cream. She also covered her hands in blue paint and then ran her hands in her golden hair. The other mom's who were smarter then I or not brave enough to let their child go for it were saying stuff like, " Oh my" and " Boy that Grace is a mess".
The class is called Messy Me and Grace was the perfect example of it.
We also had our first play dough experience. It smelled like Kool- Aid, so you guessed it Grace ate it.
Good times. Next week when we paint with pudding I'll make sure to bring my camera.