So Proud

Next time your at the news stand pick up the October Issues of "Coastal Living" magazine, page 38-39 they do a nice spread on why you want to live in Anacortes.

My town loves this type of PR, good for businesses and our ego's!


Jungle Play Land

Nothing beats a afternoon spent indoors at Jungle Play Land with greasy pizza, bottomless soda refills, constant hand wiping and a lot of trips down the slide.

Grace had a play date with her friends Natalie and Garret. It was a good time.


It's Going To Get Cozy

I've just been told by our contractor that he needs to work in our bedroom starting this Friday fora week or so. This means we need to clear out the stuff so he can put in a window and close off another window.

Looks like we are down to three rooms in our house that are warm. The bathroom, the tv room and the kitchen.

It's going to get real cozy if we all have to sleep in the tv room.

Deep breath.
I have to remind myself to think of the final outcome. A bigger house.


Island Get Away

OK I have the best husband ever. Josh surprised me for my birthday and took me to Rosario Resort on Orcas Island for a night. I enjoyed a "Mother Earth" massage where I got to lay on my stomach for one full hour on this fancy massage table for pregnant women. For any of you who have been pregnant before you know what a treat this really was. We had a great dinner and had a great room. Try not to puke when you look at the pics from our island get away. I totally did some look at me I'm 7 months pregnant shots.

My Birthday Weekend

Thats right it is safe to say that my birthday was celebrated all weekend and it was GREAT. Thanks to all my family and friends for making it so special. I just feel so loved.

Starting the weekend with a play date with my dear friend Sandy that I only see but maybe twice a year. She was in town with her son Austin and they came to my parents house for a play date. Just love having Friday's off.

Here are some pics of Grace and Austin hanging out.

My parents, brother PEter and his family and my aunt and uncle also spoiled me with a tastey dinner and a DQ ice cream cake.



This is a little premature, considering I still have 3 more months to go until baby comes, but I need to share what came in my mail today that in my eyes in the total MOTIVATION to get into the best post baby shape.

Some women after having children set goals to climb mountains, run a marathon or enter themselves into a sprint tri. All of these are excellent reasons to start getting back into shape!

Well my motivation to get back into shape is all of the above, but most of all it is to look good in a pair of Pine 4 Jeans! I've been wanting these jeans for sometime, but have never allowed myself to purchasing these stylish (Friday Night with the Ladies) pair of jeans.

Thanks to a certain stylish friend of my, today in the mail I recived a early 30th b-day gift certificate to purchase myself a pair. I am so excited and so thankful to shop for my very own pair of Pine 4 Jeans.

These jeans will be my motivation for my post baby workouts.

Did you know that for every pair of Pine 4 Jeans sold they plant a tree? So Green.


Dance Class Day 1

Grace at first was a little scared of the hardwood floors the mirrors all around and the long wood bar that outlined the room. It was not until Grace's friend Natalie the feisty red head that at day care likes to bite Grace on the arm arrived that we were more comfortable. We played with scarfs, instruments, went through a mini obstacle course and even laid on pieces of carpet and had quiet time ( yeah right).

It was a blast. I can't wait until our next class. Grace's favorite part of class was for sure the large parachute. Grace was that kid that stayed under when the rest were told to get out.

Getting Ready For Dance Class

This blog is for all you girls who grew up taking ballet class. Today I had the JOY to take GRACE to her first dance class. This is a little video that we took early this morning. We were just a tad excited.


One Last Time

This past Sunday it was hot, so Grace and I dragged out the pool and put on her new swim suit and splashed around. We were able to get our neighbors Garett and Katie to join in on the fun as well.

Our Play Date With Brock & Rhett

Last Friday I got to spend the afternoon with a old friend ( that's right Kelli your almost 30). Kelli and I used to take dance class together 5th grade until 9th grade. In fact Kelli and I were laughing that one year we decided to do the buddy photos in all of our dance pictures. So funny. We thought we were so cool.
After high school Kelli and I went our different directions in college and just lost touch. Thanks to a common friend we were able to reunite. Kelli and her husband Brian live in a beautiful home in Belleuve with their two boys Brock (21 months) and Rhett ( 4 weeks).
Kelli is a great mom and it was just a blast to catch up and to watch our off spring play and fight over toys.


We have a ROOF

We have a roof and a basketball hoop. Josh and I still have no idea how that got there. Maybe the construction workers play games of PIG or BUMP on their breaks.


It's About Time

Wanted to share that my dear friend Cassie and Will just got engaged!
Josh and I are VERY excited for the both of you.

TO ensure we get on the guest list I wanted you to know that Josh is excellent at parking cars and I am good at the coat check.


The Evergreen State Fair

Nothing beats an afternoon of farm animals, corn dogs and constantly keeping a head count on the group. Thank you Peter, Angie, Jack, Carly, Papa, Indira, Josh and Grace for a wonderful day at the fair.