Reptile Guy At the Library

The word spread far and near that the one and only Reptile Guy was coming to town to show off some of his creepy crawlers.
I think half of my morning day camp was there, all of Grace's pre school class and basically any child under the age of 6 on Fidalgo Island was there today.
Super cool that the Library does this for FREE for families.

Sweet guess we don't have to stop at that weird reptile place in Monroe.

I love all the things that summer brings.


Weekend at the B & D Bed and Breakfast

I felt like I was on vacation.

My mom took me shopping, to lunch, I got to drink as much La Creama as I wanted and even got to sleep in until 9am.

Thank you mom and dad for letting the kids and I hang at your B & B this weekend.

With Josh being away at football camp, it was great to have your company all weekend long.

As you can also see we got some time in with the cousins.
When these kids get together they are a force.
And yes this last photo Jackson is doing the worm.

Just for a hug.

This is what real friends do for each other.
They meet at anyone of the 100's of Starbucks along I-5 just for some quick face time and of course for a hug.

Thanks Cannon & Brookie Brooke for meeting up with us on Friday.


Last Day of School Fun

 Grace with her teacher's Miss Jodie & Miss Louise.

 If you can't read that, Grace wants to be a Horse Rider when she grows up.
 Natalie & Grace
 The blonds in the class.
 Bubble time on the play ground.

 Ahh Grace has developed a crush on Landon.
I wonder what she is thinking about here?

Maybe that two cup cake, a cookie and three donut hole snack she just took in is catching up with her.

What a great last day of school.

What a difference a Year Makes

This is true.
Grace will  have completed her first year of pre school today.

My what a difference a year makes.

Grace Anne I want you to know we are so proud of you and are amazed by how much you have learned, but most important we are proud with out you treat your peers and teachers.
To the moon and back sweet cheeks. That's how much your ma and pa love you.

Go Canucks

Clearly these photos were taken before Boston beat the sh*t out of the Vancouver Canucks.
So much excitement in the house before the game.
Josh rocking his early father's day vintage Canucks t-shirt that he almost burned after the game.
 Josh is just getting crazy and wild here as he packs Grace's lunch in her pink princess lunch box.

 Emmit is unsure of what all the excitement just was in the house, but I like that he gets down low and ready in his football stance.

Maybe next year Vancouver...


The things that summer brings.

Oh the things that summer brings...

Staying up late.
Plastic pools.
Otter Pops.
Colored Bubbles ( FYI DO NOT BUY, they don't come out of clothes or your drive way very well).
Water Guns.
Side Walk Chalk and  fun with the hose.

Just to name a few of course.

I could get use to this weather.