Baby Number Two

Baby number two is on his/her way.
Josh and I are excited to officially announce to the world that I am 3 months pregnant.

Feeling good for the most part, just a little extra tired then usual.

Expected due date is December 18th.

This makes Grace and child # 2 almost exactly 2 years apart! Yikes!

Our Town Our Park

Grace loving the swings.

Grace in the sand throwing sand at other children.

Grace received a picket in the park with her name on it. It was a gift from our friends Mary & Donny.

Ok, Grace is really upset here because we took her away from the swings.

Happy again back at the swings.

Rolling around in the tunnel.

What a day at the park.

We live in the best community EVER. Last week I was apart of a very special project called, Our Town Our Park. The community donated money to build this amazing play ground. It is huge. My photos do not even do it justice. People from the community paid for it and people from the community built it.

This past Sunday was the grand opening. Grace was very excited.

I am really proud to have been apart of a project that will stand in Anacortes forever. Our kids will play on this playground for several years to come.

First Tea Party

Grace enjoyed her first tea party with Brooke and Kuba in her bedroom.

We had a nice surprice visit from the newly weds over Memorial Weekend.

It was a special treat.

Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

Grace and I taking in the sunset at Green Point.

Josh standing very proud in front of the tent that I his wife set up all by myself!

Kelly ( who is 4 ) took this family shot in front of our new tent.

There goes the sun...

Dosen't Grace look like the big girl on this bike.

I love living in Anacortes.

Kelly dosen't get it, Grace dosen't share her food.

Already getting her going on the climbing wall.

Trying to feed Grace without a high chair was sure interesting. It took both Josh and I to keep her in control.

Sean and Karah Sleeper.

Another family shot by Kelly in our new tent!

This is only two weeks late, but I wanted to share some pics from Grace's first camping trip.

We kept things local and stayed at our very own Washington Park located in beautiful Anacortes ( the most northern San Juan Island).

Grace had hot dogs, smores, played on the beach and got really dirty. It was a perfect camping trip.
The crew that we went camping with was our dear friends Sean & Karah Sleeper, Shannan Sleeper and her daughter Kelly who is 4 and who was really into Grace all weekend.