Baby Number Two

Baby number two is on his/her way.
Josh and I are excited to officially announce to the world that I am 3 months pregnant.

Feeling good for the most part, just a little extra tired then usual.

Expected due date is December 18th.

This makes Grace and child # 2 almost exactly 2 years apart! Yikes!


Loosy said...

YAY!!!!! We are so excited for you and your little package that will complete the Johnston family!!!


Meg said...

Kickass! Nice work in the bedroom you two! - RP

Lindsey said...

Gusseau....we're soooooooo happy for you!! Can't wait to meet the little munchkin. :)
Someday we'll get our show on the road!

bill said...

love u guys

Tanya said...

Wow! Congrats...that is so exciting. I love having two and want to have more!!!

So happy for you.

LOL, Tanya