Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

Grace and I taking in the sunset at Green Point.

Josh standing very proud in front of the tent that I his wife set up all by myself!

Kelly ( who is 4 ) took this family shot in front of our new tent.

There goes the sun...

Dosen't Grace look like the big girl on this bike.

I love living in Anacortes.

Kelly dosen't get it, Grace dosen't share her food.

Already getting her going on the climbing wall.

Trying to feed Grace without a high chair was sure interesting. It took both Josh and I to keep her in control.

Sean and Karah Sleeper.

Another family shot by Kelly in our new tent!

This is only two weeks late, but I wanted to share some pics from Grace's first camping trip.

We kept things local and stayed at our very own Washington Park located in beautiful Anacortes ( the most northern San Juan Island).

Grace had hot dogs, smores, played on the beach and got really dirty. It was a perfect camping trip.
The crew that we went camping with was our dear friends Sean & Karah Sleeper, Shannan Sleeper and her daughter Kelly who is 4 and who was really into Grace all weekend.

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