Our Town Our Park

Grace loving the swings.

Grace in the sand throwing sand at other children.

Grace received a picket in the park with her name on it. It was a gift from our friends Mary & Donny.

Ok, Grace is really upset here because we took her away from the swings.

Happy again back at the swings.

Rolling around in the tunnel.

What a day at the park.

We live in the best community EVER. Last week I was apart of a very special project called, Our Town Our Park. The community donated money to build this amazing play ground. It is huge. My photos do not even do it justice. People from the community paid for it and people from the community built it.

This past Sunday was the grand opening. Grace was very excited.

I am really proud to have been apart of a project that will stand in Anacortes forever. Our kids will play on this playground for several years to come.


Loosy said...

Congrats to you supermom!!! Very cool stuff. The picket with Grace's name is so very special. You deserve a glass of vino, so I'll make sure to drink one for you this eve. Love you.

bill said...

you guy are going own that town. Football Coach, Volleyball Coach, Little Girl, Mom has one more on the way, Sounds like "Friday Night Lights" Can't until next week, what will hsappen next? You get the All American Fam Award.
Love u guys
Hey! Grace your mom and dad are cool people.