One Last Time

This past Sunday it was hot, so Grace and I dragged out the pool and put on her new swim suit and splashed around. We were able to get our neighbors Garett and Katie to join in on the fun as well.

Our Play Date With Brock & Rhett

Last Friday I got to spend the afternoon with a old friend ( that's right Kelli your almost 30). Kelli and I used to take dance class together 5th grade until 9th grade. In fact Kelli and I were laughing that one year we decided to do the buddy photos in all of our dance pictures. So funny. We thought we were so cool.
After high school Kelli and I went our different directions in college and just lost touch. Thanks to a common friend we were able to reunite. Kelli and her husband Brian live in a beautiful home in Belleuve with their two boys Brock (21 months) and Rhett ( 4 weeks).
Kelli is a great mom and it was just a blast to catch up and to watch our off spring play and fight over toys.