So Big

My little girl is growing up so fast. Check out her new hair do, her new shoes, taking a bath with a little boy and using a real fork, kind of.

The Family

The family up for a little BBQ!

Hula Girl

Thank you Brooke, Grace loves her new hula outfit that you got for her from Hawaii!


This past weekend was Anacortes Shipwreck Day which is a large flea market downtown. OK let me be more honest it's one over sized garage sale with a lot of junk.

This Shipwreck Day had a little something extra sweet. Brooke set up her first booth to sell her Vivi & Bette jewelery. Check it out online for even more details. It was great. Brooke sold a total of 10 items and her goal was to at least sell 1 item. Her line of jewelry looked great and very professional. I am very proud of Brooke and her fabulous jewelry line.

Some of the highlights of the day was that Brooke was wearing a captain hat and I a sailor hat. Brooke got hit on by a salty sailor that was at least 86 years old, there was a surprise visit from Brooke's aunt and two cousins. My parents and aunt and uncle stopped by the booth to find some goods. The biggest highlight was that I got to spend the day with by BF laughing, people watching and buying other people's junk.

I must thank my husband Josh for his creative inspiration with the window display piece and the flower jars. Way to go Josh.

Let me introduce

It has been awhile since my last blog and a lot is going on. First I must catch everyone up to date. My aunt and uncle from New York finally made the move to the northwest. They are currently living with my parents, which means my parents are living with their best friends, which really really means it is like animal house at my parents house.

Not only are they my aunt and uncle, but they are also my god parents. They are the most loving and kind people that I know and they are always done to have a good time.

So let me introduce my Uncle Kevin ( Papa) and my Aunt Indira.

Love you guys and so glad you live in the Northwest.