This past weekend was Anacortes Shipwreck Day which is a large flea market downtown. OK let me be more honest it's one over sized garage sale with a lot of junk.

This Shipwreck Day had a little something extra sweet. Brooke set up her first booth to sell her Vivi & Bette jewelery. Check it out online for even more details. It was great. Brooke sold a total of 10 items and her goal was to at least sell 1 item. Her line of jewelry looked great and very professional. I am very proud of Brooke and her fabulous jewelry line.

Some of the highlights of the day was that Brooke was wearing a captain hat and I a sailor hat. Brooke got hit on by a salty sailor that was at least 86 years old, there was a surprise visit from Brooke's aunt and two cousins. My parents and aunt and uncle stopped by the booth to find some goods. The biggest highlight was that I got to spend the day with by BF laughing, people watching and buying other people's junk.

I must thank my husband Josh for his creative inspiration with the window display piece and the flower jars. Way to go Josh.

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Brooke said...

So. Much. Fun.

Thank you Nicole for all of your help. You're the best.