Note to self...

Today as I picked Grace up from pre- school I heard her telling the class, " My mommy likes beer and she spilled it all over the garage this weekend".

Instantly I turn red as her teachers smile as me in the back of the room.

What happen was after a nice family dinner at the Rock fish and 3 apple cider beers later I thought it was a good idea to buy a growler full of this wonderful beverage that I like to call apple juice for adults.

Well apparently I cannot carry Emmit and a growler after having 3 cider beers, because I dropped the growler all over the garage, said some choice words and watched the glass shatter everywhere.

Clearly this left a lasting impression on Grace.

So note to self.
Be careful of what I say, do, drink or geez even eat in front of Grace.

I don't want Grace to start sharing with her class other things like my parents have the biggest collection of wine corks ( geez wonder why) or that I've seen my mother sitting in the shower naked reading In Style magazine while showering or that my mom knows every word to every Taylor Swift song and dances in the kitchen to choreographed routines.

OK so I might have over shared...