First Birthday

Dear Grace:
They say it's your birthday...

Exactly one year ago you were born at 8:01am weighing in at 8.8 lbs. This has been an amazing year all because of your bright little soul.

You are very special, but today you are extra special. You will eat off a fancy red plate, be showered with presents and a bunch of grown adults will gather around you in funny hats and sing happy birthday to you.

You light up my life sweet thing and I simply cannot get enough of you. Enjoy your day and know that there will be many more just like this.

Love you to the moon and back.



First Christmas

Was a excellent first Christmas with family & friends! Christmas Eve Bill & D came up for some holiday cheer and Christmas Day Josh, Grace & I spent the day opening gifts, going for a walk and having some holiday cheer with friends.
Grace got a lot of great gifts, but she was most excited about her new pink crocs that she played with on her hands all day and night.


A Day On The Hill With My Dad

Ok so this web site is suppose to be all about our little package Grace and I am sure she will make it into this post. This past weekend I got to go skiing with my dad. We had some strong winds, it was snowing like a winter wounder land and we got first tracks on Spooke run in the north country of Crystal Mountain. The photo above sums up the day, all smiles!!! We took the photo on top of the NEW North chair. It was a special day to have with my dad and by far the best Christmas gift he gave me this year!

Grace someday you will ski and have special days when it is just you and your dad as well!


Almost A First Step

The First Christmas Tree

I will always this Christmas as the year we had to decorate the tree half way to keep little Grace from taking down the tree. The first photo really shows where the decorations stop. Who would of thought how much joy would come from bringing a Christmas tree home. Grace and I decorated the tree together last night with Jonny Matthes blasting. Grace took a special liking to the blue balls (go figure) that were on the tree. She would take them off the branches and then pretend to put them back. Good times. Can't wait for Christmas Day!


Twas the Night Before...

Today was a big day, brought Grace her first Christmas book! Twas the night before Christmas... Can't wait to read it to her tonight!

Almost one year! Can you believe it? Ask me if I am ready for child #2? Not yet, just enjoying what I already got!


Sleepy 1st Thanksgiving Weekend

Grace's first thanksgiving was spent with the Brosseau family. Peter and his wife Angie hosted by far the most entertaining turkey day yet. The food was good, the music was loud and all the adults were well behaved:) Although Grace slept thru the actual dinner she was able to enjoy her cousins Jack and Carly and the dogs all day.

It was also Grace's first trip to Pike's Place Market. On her dad's back she took in all the sights and smells that the market had to offer.

It was a busy holiday weekend for Grace. I think the photo above sums it all up!


Hard to believe

It is hard for me to believe that my daughter is almost a year old. As I drove into work today Grace and I sang our song the Itsy Bitsy Spider, well I did most of the singing, but she made noises as if she were singing along. It made my eyes fill with water. It made me think of how many more car rides do I have when she and I can sing this song together. I know I have many more, but it is hard to believe how fast the time will go.

Each day we are learning more and more about our little package. Besides cutting 4 teeth all at the same time, Grace is eager to take that first step alone. Forget toys this Christmas, Grace is interested in boxes and dirty shoes. Josh recently took her shoe shopping and you would have thought she was at Disneyland, her level of excitment was extremely high.


10 Months

I know this is sounding repetitive, but it's going by too fast. Grace is eager and willing to go and try anything and everything new.

Her first step it not to far away. Grace is cutting teeth left and right which makes her a bit fussy with extra drool. Grace enjoys waving at anything that moves, smiling at whoever will care to look her direction and has this obsession with shoes. She likes to put the shoes in her hands, she likes to suck on the laces and she likes to pick the shoes up and drop.

One thing has still remained the same with Grace. Since day one there has not been one person who has not commented on her gorgeous baby blue eyes. Lets hope those eyes help you get that first job or that college scholarship to Harvard!

Bottom line Grace lights up the room with her eyes and her smile and Josh and I are so very lucky to have a healthy and happy baby.

Grace you are my dear one.


A Day At The Pumpkin Patch

Today we spent the day at the patch. It was a day of many photos and many silly noises all to get that priceless smile!

I am so happy in life and in love...


The First Ball

Please take note, this is the first ball to touch our little girls hands. Already she is showing great potentional for the sport and her intensity for the ball is right on. Nothing brings me more joy then to watch her get all excited for this round ball with a soft cushion.
A volleyball athlete is someone who takes many falls,
but never gives up, keeps climbing the walls.
And when they've given their all and still meet defeat,
They carry their heads high and stay on their feet.
They do what they love, and love what they do,
They set their goals high and always pursue.
They carry their team especially when times are bad,
And they always stay positive, even when they are mad.
And when they seize victory and the opponent has been beat,
They look upon it with pride and glory, Like a real true ATHLETE.

Watch out class of 2025, you got an athlete in the making...


All In A Day

All in a day I got to have a tea party with my mom, Grace, long time friend Sandy, her son Austin and her mom Kathy.

All in a day I got to go shopping with my mom, her best friend Joy and her daughter Kirsten and her little girl Kylee. Kylee & Grace got spoiled at Baby Gap by their grandma's and Grace got her first taste of a chocolate shake.

All in a day I got to visit with my Aunt Linda and her growing boy my little cousin Carl. Carl for sure isn't so little anymore!All in a day I got to visit with my best friend Brooke and the one and only Yo Yo Ma Ma Mary. We had a glass of the white stuff, some poo poo's and I got the pleasure of watching the wedding video of the year of Brooke & Kuba.

All in a day Grace and I got to visit with friends and family and most important spend the whole day together. Are day ended with having dinner with two of the most special people in my life. My mom and dad!

There was a lot of love all in one day!


Clean Up

Brooke this is for you! Some parents use a wash cloth or maybe give their baby a bath. We use our dog Tug Boat to clean up little Grace!


Best Dad Ever

My husband, Josh is the best dad ever. I could not have wished or hoped for more of a loving and caring father for my child. I do not tell him enough how great he is and how hands on he is with our little package Grace. Watching Josh with Grace is the perfect pick me up to a slow day, the fastest medicine when I am sick and the best gift that I could ever receive. Love you both to the moon and back.

9 Months

Before having a child I never REALLY understood when people would say "they grow up so fast" until now. It just seems like yesterday I was bringing this little package home from the hospital.

Grace is into all baby foods, crawling around on her hands and knees and pulling herself up onto things. She then cries, because she has not figured out how to get down. She makes noises, smiles often and loves her green silk blanket that her Auntie Brooke gave her. She can't go to bed without it.

My Mountain

This is my dad Bill. He is the best dad ever. He is my mountain man. He is a grandpa to 3, a father to 2 and a wounderful husband to 1.

He is an amazing skier.

Dad this post is for you today. Yesturday you got let go from the Crystal Mountain ski patrol. Remember it is their lost. Hold your head and hike to the king!


In her eyes

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. " Elizabeth Stone