9 Months

Before having a child I never REALLY understood when people would say "they grow up so fast" until now. It just seems like yesterday I was bringing this little package home from the hospital.

Grace is into all baby foods, crawling around on her hands and knees and pulling herself up onto things. She then cries, because she has not figured out how to get down. She makes noises, smiles often and loves her green silk blanket that her Auntie Brooke gave her. She can't go to bed without it.


Brooklyn said...

I'm so happy Gracie loves her green blanket. When she gets too old to have her ''blankie'' but still can't sleep without it, whatever you do, don't purposely throw it while vacationing on Whibey Island and then tell Grace that it must have walked away. Whoa.

TMS said...

She is SO adorable!

Ms.L.C. said...

WHOA was were about twelve when it walked away!!!!