Zoo Play Date

A day with your best friend and the kids at the zoo was a special treat today. Cannon is pumped for the zoo. Emmit is thinking, why is Cannon's mom making so high pitch sounds...
Yeah let's go to the zoo.

Brooke it was a special day with you at the zoo. It seems just like yesterday you and I were at the zoo eating popcorn in our yellow and blue ponchos in the 1st grade. You are a a great mom a true friend and I am lucky to have you.

Just like old times,ok minus the kids...

How great to see some friends from my childhood last night. My memories with these two girls Lindsey and Sandy go deep. These gals started out as just being my brother Peter's classmates and friends and quickly I became apart of their circle as well. For the record we are missing Mrs. Mandy.
Here we all are with our youngest and well with Lindsey first child.
Beautiful Lindsey and her son Olin.

Lindsey + Me +Sandy= A Good Time

Emmit, Jackson, Olin, Grace and baby Brooke.
(Not in this picture is Austin & Carly)

Isn't Baby Brooke the cutest.Emmit sure thinks so.

Emmit giving Brooke the eyes.
Emmit going in for the kiss.
Emmit this is your first official kiss that is not your sister or mom.

OK, Emmit I think Brooke has had enough.

Brooke trying to get away.