Goal Accomplished

Grace's new hair cut. Mmmmmmm just like mommy's.
Kelsey (holding her daughter Tatum),E & I and Karah ( she is pregnant, due in October)

I can't even pronounce ( no surprise) this baby device that belongs to Kelsey. It's sweet.

Coach Swapp & Coach Johnston talking coach stuff.

Grace where are your pants?

Annie & Me

Grace is thinking, can I do this in one bite?

Emmit and I taking it all in.

Grace LOVES the beach.

The dog.


Taylor and Grace playing in the bucket. We are too cheap or to lazy this weekend to buy a kid pool.

What a fantastic memorial weekend we had.

Friday night we had bbq with friends, including Annie a new friend of mine who makes my lattes every morning at our favorite Penguin Coffee here in Anacortes.
Saturday we walked to the farmers market, ate cup cakes and looked at fancy rich people boats.

Sunday after a brisk run that almost did me in ( a little too much fun from Friday night) we went to a new beach Ship Harbor. The tied was out so there was lots of beach. Yes we have a dog and we actually brought Tug Boat with us. We haven't seen him run that far and hard in a long time. Like 2.5 years. Sunday night we had another bbq with some friends over.

Did I mention that Emmit got his FIRST TOOTH this weekend and can ROLL OVER both belly to back and back to belly.
Didn't drive more then 5 miles away from my home. I actually read some of my book and got some alone time with my husband:)
What a great weekend.