Happy Birthday Son

Today you turn two.
And boy you REALLY fit the description of a TWO year old more then ever!
But that is ok, because we love you anyway and you are stuck with us as we are with you my love.

At the age of two your little personality has sky rocketed and your ability to light up the room is out of this world.
At the age of two you still have that smile you can see for a mile that can easily make others crack a smile as well.
You enjoy singing, dancing, wearing your sister’s shoes, throwing anything that is remotely shaped like a ball and can give out some love (kisses and hugs) to those you love most on demand.

You will try anything to eat, which is like a breath of fresh air as your big sis still has a pasta & bread only diet and you can drink, I mean guzzle the juice like no other.

Did I mention you finally gave up your night time bottle? Thank goodness right. We are still working on loosing the binky or as you call it your “baby”. You have your father and I wrapped around your little finger and we would not question driving over the valley at 11:30pm at night to buy you a new binky if it means we can all have a good nights rest!
Your favorite book is still “Good Night Gorilla” and you love to end the night getting cozy with your dad watching nothing else other then football and pointing and telling us when you see the coach on the big screen.
Your family wishes you many birthday wishes Emmit Keith Johnston, but most of all your mother ( that’s me) wishes you would stop climbing onto the kitchen counter tops and taking things out of the cupboards when we are not looking you little MONKEY!

I LOVE you kiddo. Your SISTER loves you. Your DADDY loves you and I am pretty sure you got a big FAN club that also loves you.

Like always to the moon and back big guy.

Happy Birthday baby boy let's celebrate!