You got what in Thailand?

This is my brother Peter. He got this tattoo in Thailand last week with a bamboo stick by some guy in a hut on the beach. Mmmmmmmmmm there is more to the story, but not so sure my blog friends need all the details. We think it's a salmon...

The Mother of All Father's Day's

We started father's day off with breakfast at Voula's in Seattle. It was great and worth the wait for a table. We then hit up the mother of all father's day beer festivals where this year we all got to taste some of Washington's finest brew. FYI- Josh got a brew kit this year for father's day so watch out next year Josh might have his own booth. We then went to my parents house for dinner and to celebrate my cousin Carl's 17th b-day. It was a great day.

Josh you are a great dad. Your dad would be very proud of you.

Here are some pics of this fabulous day.

Oh and I have to mention that by BFF Brookie Brooke had her baby boy on Father's Day. More to come on that...

Ryan & Josh and the Kids! Just like old times, right!!! Ok, minus the kids.

Megan and I thought this brew fest was for the mom's!!!

Someday ladies you will be enjoying brew fest with all of us. In the meantime stick to apple juice,mmm until your both 35!

Me and my two dads!

Yeah dads!

Brother Peter actually holding Emmit.

Grandpa and his grandsons.

Jackson and Peter!

Happy Birthday Cousin Carl!