Best Kept Secret...

Hope, Idaho is moments away from Schweitzer Ski Resort this small town nestled into the mountain was the perfect destination for a girls weekend. When my BFF Brookie Brooke calls and ask if I wanted in on this trip I said YES before she could even finish.

I don't have nearly as many photos as I should from such a epic weekend full of drinking, games, skiing, movies, eating, dancing and oh did I mention drinking. I tried to slow down and just enjoy the women that I was lucky to spend three days with.


Grace was very lucky to go and see the horse show Cavalia this past weekend with Grandma Laurie and Aunt Shelly.
No cameras were allowed inside so they captured what they could prior to going in.
Grace was speechless when she told me all about it. I was not there, away at girls weekend ( more to come on that soon) and then told me all the names of the horses she got to see.

Thank you Laurie and Shelly for treating Grace to such a special day.