House UpDate

The outside is almost done and starting to all look like just one house.

The inside still needs some work.

Typical Monday Night At The House

Typical Monday night at the house is
Josh and Grace watching Monday
night football. Yes, Grace likes football and Josh has taught her to say " Get Them" in a aggressive little girl voice.

And yes that is our only TV, it's square and big. The Zenith was a gift from Josh to me while I was in college.

We are hoping one day to join the rest of you and get a flat screen.

This is Why I Love This Guy

This is why I love my dad. This is a picture of my dad at one of his volleyball games dancing during the warm ups!


After reading my email WOW ( Wildcats on Wednesday's) I came across a degree at CWU that I wish was available when I was a student there.

A degree in Wine!