15 months

Grace is officially 15 months old. We had her check up on Monday of this week. Here are her numbers:
95% For the size of her HEAD ( Lots of smarts in there)
50% For her height ( Let's hope those Brosseau genes kick in soon)
50% For her weight ( Let's hope she maintains this)

All good numbers, doctor is happy and we are happy.

Growing up so fast. Next doctor appointment is when she turns 2. That is going to come quick I imagine.

QT Time With Grandma & Papa Brosseau

Last weekend Grace and I spent the weekend at the parents house. Cooked meals, relaxing, mommy got time to get a pedicure and do some shopping. Of course I only shopped for Grace. Nothing beats a weekend spend with your parents!

Trip To the Seattle Aquarium

Peter, Jack, Grace & I went to the Seattle Aquarium last Saturday. Jack was into the fish, Grace was into Jack, Peter had to keep track of Jack and I had to keep up with Grace. It was one busy morning of fun.