Way Over Due

Way over due is the title to this blog, because it is the truth.
It has been too long that the three ( supposed to be 4 but Sarah was to busy buying a new house in Spokane and getting her house on the market) since this group of high school friends have gathered.

I say high school, but really our roots with each other run deeper than that. Some of us first met in grade school and others junior high. Regardless of when we met we have always been there for each other.

Some I talk to everyday, sometimes at least three times a day ( Brooke) others every few months. It never really seems to matter, because we just pick up from where we last left it.

This past Saturday night we shared food, wine, a movie and a lot of laughs.

It was a great night and cannot wait to do it again with Sarah of course.

Cheers to you Brooke, Cas, Tamsan and Sarah for being such a great friend!