This view on Sunday inspired me to think about this New Year.
I don't always make them, but after thinking about this New Year, I guess I got a few:

Drink more water.
Watch less and read more.
Break a sweat in the trails more often then just on Sunday’s.
Spend more time with those that matter the most to me.
Fight the fat in more then one way.
Drink fewer lattes.
Save more and spend less.
Smile more.
Make more eye contact. Especially with the ones I love.
Pass my CPRP (Certified Parks and Recreation Professional) exam by November of 2011.
Be a role model to my kids and eat more vegetables and fruits in front of them.

Bottom line in this New Year I want to become the best version of myself, what ever that may be as it is always evolving.

Happy New Year and best of luck (I know I’ll need some luck) to those of you who make a list of or just one resolution.

Thank you blogosphere for allowing me to share, more like over share all these New Year resolutions of mine.