The Graduate

 Today Grace officially graduated from Whitney pre school and to start her special day off right her daddy snuck out the house early this morning and delivered a special breakfast for his little girl.
 Striking a pose for the camera before heading off to school.
 At times, yes they really do love each other.
 Nothing beats a bunch of 5 year olds screaming, I mean singing songs.
 Not sure what she is doing, but don't ever change.
 Each kid had a special something said about them before receiving their certificate. This is what the teachers said about Grace.
"Grace gives great big good morning hugs, loves cowboys boots, can really hula hoop, likes to dress up and when she grows up she wants to be a Veterinarian".
I know it's only pre school, but seriously my eyes filled with water when they spoke of her.

 Room 6
Those poor teachers. I hope they both get the R & R that they deserve this summer.

 Grace will always remember Miss Louise.
 Miss Jodie has no idea what she has coming next year with Emmit heading her way:)
 Enjoying some swing time with friends before we all parted our seperate ways for the summer. Who are we kidding, this is a small town. chances are we will see this kid tomrrow.
Grace is really going to miss being in school next year with these two boys. All three have been in class for the last two years together.
Both Connor and Jack have a thing for Grace and if she had it her way she would have also taking her shirt off today.

That's a wrap.

Grace you are a Mt. Erie Mustang now girl!