APRD Splendiferous Christmas Party

Fancy Grace

Grace's Tree Topper ( It's from the book)

They loved decorating their own cookies.

Fancy Poo Poo's

Thought this mom was SUPER cool for dressing up.

Some fancy shoes

I look tired and Grace is on her 2nd cookie.

After that 2nd cookie, Grace moved onto the brownies.

Tree Topper Station

My best effort to get a group shot of the Fancy group.

Grace just trying to stand out in the crowd.
Last night I had my 1st Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas Party. We had punch, snacks, frosted cookies, played games and much more. I think everyone enjoyed the night.

Note to self: Next year do not have it on a Tuesday night. Also , monitor how much sweets little Miss Grace takes in. The melt down that occurred around 7pm was Oscar worthy.