Fall Is Here When...

Fall is here when EVERY Friday night you help dad get ready for AHS football games.

 Fall is here when pumpkins crowd your front door and little kids can't wait for trick or treat day.

 Fall is here when there are field trips rain or shine to the pumpkin patch.

Fall is here.

Can't wait for winter.

Bring it on!

God, I love this game.

Last night I got a chance to do the play by play with Coach H at the Anacortes vs. Burlington volleyball game.
Although, the Anacortes team did not win the game was AMAZING.

Both teams just fighting for every point.
Coaches on their feet telling their players to reach deep.
Both sets of bleachers pulled out with standing room only in the gym.

God I love this game.

Girls Who Love Horses

This is where we will be on Monday's at 4pm for the next couple of weeks.

Horse lessons for Grace have officially started.

Every single penny spent on this new activity is worth the excitement and dedication that I can see in her eyes.

There is something so sweet about little girls who love horses.

We are proud of you Grace Anne.


Farm Tour

Great day on the farm.
There was hay rides, tractor driving, face painting, ice cream, sugar cookies, Josh almost entered himself into a pie eating contest, corn on the cob, farm animals, pumpkins and much needed Johnston Family time.
Love this family of mine. Oh yes I do.