God, I love this game.

Last night I got a chance to do the play by play with Coach H at the Anacortes vs. Burlington volleyball game.
Although, the Anacortes team did not win the game was AMAZING.

Both teams just fighting for every point.
Coaches on their feet telling their players to reach deep.
Both sets of bleachers pulled out with standing room only in the gym.

God I love this game.


Shaina said...

We are headed to the Bothell game next week to watch Coach Kerwin get inducted into the BHS hall of fame! I can't wait, and I think the next night we will be headed to watch the UW girls play as well. I love fall sports!

Loosy said...

You did an AMAZING job Robin Roberts, I mean Nicole Johnston. Lots of head/neck/shoulder shrugs, very ESPN of you. Sort of reminded me of your old HS playing days and your intense facial expressions. INTENSE.

Sara said...

I love how happy you are in this photo. Love it x

Meg said...

God you're gorgeous and would give Erin Roberts a run for her money. I will be looking for you at the next ESPY awards. I better be at your table.