Faces of the 4th

Gosh I love all of these kids and the fact that they played along with me to take these fun and silly photos of them.
I can remember a certain somebody ( my dad) who used to do stuff like this to me and my brother growing up with our friends.

Good times.

More to come for sure from the 4th of July.

7 Years

I love that we have been married long enough that we were not sure if we were celebrating our 7th or 8th wedding anniversary!
I love that we have made it this far and are still going strong.
I love that you are my best friend and show me why each and every day.
I love you babe to the moon and back.

6 minutes later...

Just a 6 minute ferry ride and you are on Guemes Island.
After a ice cream cone break at the General Store and a short wait for two of my favorites to join us ( Papa & Indira) and we were on our way to explore the West side of the Island.

There were more hills then expected, one fall and a few cold ones enjoyed by all.

The Baja Bun Buster

New hot dog joint in town, located right next to the Brown and open until 2am! It's just like the college years are coming back to Josh and I.
OK maybe not so much.
We hit this hip place up on a Sunday afternoon at 11am with the kids and it was just perfect.
$20 later we had to plain janes, a Baja Bun Buster and a hot spicy sausage and 4, make that 5 waters!

Fun in the Sun

Lake, boat, snakes & smores.
Really can you ask for more then that on a Friday afternoon.