If you don't use them then you loose them...

Thank you Josh, Kirk & Kelly for a great day yesterday at Stevens. That was WAY to much fun.


Spring Cleaning

It's time.
I can't wait to attack these windows this weekend.
No really. I love a good spring window cleaning project.

Dreams work with Team Work Gracer Grace and E Diggity


Baby # 3

When a friend has a baby on the way no matter what number it is, the right thing and the only thing to do is to throw a shower to celebrate the miracle of creating another life.

Kelsey you are an amazing mommy and will soon be a mother of three.

I am here for you anytime you need a friend. No really after you pop this baby out you and me are going to margarita ville, meaning we will drink endless margaritas!

These are two hot grandma's!

What a great afternoon, good people, great view and if your not in a rush or need to be any where it is the perfect service at the new Anthony's restaurant!


A survivor for 25 years

Joy's new tattoo celebrating her 20 years of surviving and kicking serious ass to breast cancer.


Inny & D Train

This night she shared a story or two and a few tears as well. We love you JOY.

Doing my best Lady Ga Ga
OK so last night 22 ladies gathered together to celebrate JOY'S 20 year anniversary of doing a drop kick, a elbow to the chin, a karate chop you get the picture to breast cancer.

Who is JOY? Well she is my mom's BFF for at least 25 years. They met at neighborhood Halloween party and were the last two to leave therefore they have spent many Friday's going to movies, shopping, drinking wine, telling stories and solving all of the worlds problems. You know the kind of friend I am talking about. They are rare and when you have one you hold on tight.

JOY is like another mother to me and has been there for everything.

So really it was an honor to me to be in the room with all of these ladies last night as we celebrated our dear friend JOY.

The wine was flowing and the ladies got OUT of CONTROL. OK not really, but a lady brought a pink wig which has you can tell became the go to photo prop of the night. Lord knows I made the biggest you know what out of myself with it, but it was all in fun and all for JOY.

Cheers to you JOY and to all the women out there who have survived!


Stop Growing

Snotty nose and all I love this kid more then ever.
You TOTALLY have your mom and dad wrapped around your finger my little binky boy.
Whatever you want is almost always yours.
But seriously stop growing little man, it's just going to fast.


My Brother & Me

A few weeks ago we went to the Anacortes School District Art Show, where kids of all ages have their art on display.
Little did we know our dearest daughter was a ARTIST!
Her work has only been shown here in town, but we hope to get it to SAM by the end of the month:)

The title of it is, " My Brother & Me".

We love you Grace and your mommy and daddy are very proud of your masterpiece.


I need to do more stuff like this...

Happy St. Patrick's Day Family and Friends.
Drink a little green beer today, because we are ALL Irish today.


New Swim Suit

She is starting to get the idea of putting her head in the water and how to blow bubbles.
The best part is her belly jumps into the pool.
Love this kids enthusiasm for everything she does and just love her new swim suit.



What did you do today at work?
Oh yeah, well I was SUPER MOM!

No really I was. I held a Super Hero Class today where we made costumes, mask, went on a adventure to find the missing snacks and of course where we played Super Hero Bingo and I gave massive amounts of M&M's to toddlers!

I know right.
 I get paid to do this.


Playing & GrowingTogether

It's not like this everyday.
Today it was.
Today they played together and it was just perfect.