Best Day Ever

OK so that was Grace's words not mine. You know the whole "this is the best day ever".

Ear piercing at the Cascade Mall.

 Followed by cake and ice cream. SO excited to blow out her 5 candles.
 OK here I go blowing my candles out.
 But my brother Emmit blew the candles out first. He was also excited.
 Emmit upset because he got told NO!
 OK Grace is happy again. We sang the song start to finish and she got to blow them out. Again. Emmit still upset.

 Happy again with ice cream.

Best day ever for sure.
Happy Day Grace.

Happy 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday
Grace Anne

Today you turn 5 years old.
It was just like yesterday I tell you.
You are loved by many, but you are loved most by your mom,dad and brother.

We wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope that all your birthday wishes come true.

At 5 years old you amaze me by how kind you are to others.
That Grace is most important and I know that is something you will keep with you forever.
At 5 years old you give the best hugs ever and I like that you know when a person is needing of one.

I am unsure where you place on the charts or what percentage you are.
It doesn't matter to us, because we think you are pretty much perfect the way you are.

The day you were born Grace Anne was the day that changed everything for your dad and I in the most splendifious way.

We will love you always and forever.

To the moon and back sweet cheeks.