Best Day Ever

OK so that was Grace's words not mine. You know the whole "this is the best day ever".

Ear piercing at the Cascade Mall.

 Followed by cake and ice cream. SO excited to blow out her 5 candles.
 OK here I go blowing my candles out.
 But my brother Emmit blew the candles out first. He was also excited.
 Emmit upset because he got told NO!
 OK Grace is happy again. We sang the song start to finish and she got to blow them out. Again. Emmit still upset.

 Happy again with ice cream.

Best day ever for sure.
Happy Day Grace.


Brooke said...

There's so much I love about this post. But what I love the most is your FIVE YEAR OLD!!!! You have a 5 year old, where had the time gone? I love you Gracer. You'll always have a special place as the first little yo yo.

Val said...

this totally made me laugh- love all the emotions over the candles! And how fancy to have her ears pierced! Happy 5th birthday to Grace!

Heather Conniff said...

Love this!!!

Meg said...

I am dying. This was the best. So real. So perfect. FIVE!?!? I still remember being at Bellevue Square and Ry calling me and telling me the "THE JOHNSTON'S HAD A GIRL." He knew no other detail. And I went straight to the Gap and bought her some things. HAPPY DAY GRACE!