Lobster Mania

Nothing says Happy Memorial Day weekend then Lobster Mania.
The Market got two shipments of lobster from Maine.
It was pretty epic.
We purchased them Saturday and Josh had to keep them alive throughout the night so we could enjoy them with our friends on Sunday.
To say we documented this major feast is well a under statement.

This is our new tradition. Who wants in for next year?


People to People

Last night we went to our good friends fund raiser for their daughter Sally who was chosen as an ambassador for Anacortes for the People to People program. Kids in grade school get to go on an amazing adventure to Europe where they will see the sights and meet other kids in the program from all over.

The location, the Croatian Club.

The food, a real pig roast.

The music, three local bands including Bobby V's band.

And the people, local, real and a little earthy whatever that means.

The Pig. The kids for sure took a double look at this.

Josh and Lisa J playing a little Frisbee at Causland before the party.

Zinnia &  E playing on the War Memorial.

The Brian  Frank & Bob Band

Emmit catching the rhythm to the world beats.

The Violins

Sally, Grace and Claire

Sally thanking the crowd.


Updated Park In Town

Seafarer's Park, Anacortes, WA
Today was the grand re- open to Seafarers Park located on the water in the heart of Anacortes.

This space has been closed for some time for MAJOR environmental clean up and it looks amazing.

The coordinator in me cannot wait to plan outdoor summer movies, concerts and toddler trips to the beach.

Just another reason why to call this city the gateway to the San Juan's.

I am pretty proud of this City and like I've said before lucky to call this place home.

Want to know where to put your kayaks in or take some fancy photos of Mt. Baker and the Puget Sound Oil Refinery's at night, off Hwy 20 take a right on to "R" Ave. Pass the Skate park, pass the Market and take a right onto Seafarer's Way. You will find this beautiful park at the end of the road.


Way Over Due

Way over due is the title to this blog, because it is the truth.
It has been too long that the three ( supposed to be 4 but Sarah was to busy buying a new house in Spokane and getting her house on the market) since this group of high school friends have gathered.

I say high school, but really our roots with each other run deeper than that. Some of us first met in grade school and others junior high. Regardless of when we met we have always been there for each other.

Some I talk to everyday, sometimes at least three times a day ( Brooke) others every few months. It never really seems to matter, because we just pick up from where we last left it.

This past Saturday night we shared food, wine, a movie and a lot of laughs.

It was a great night and cannot wait to do it again with Sarah of course.

Cheers to you Brooke, Cas, Tamsan and Sarah for being such a great friend!


Whitney Year End Concert

Way to go Grace. You were amazing tonight at your very first school concert. I think you sang every other word, but you did it with enthusiasm and with grace.

Grace your mom and dad were very proud of you tonight.

Something about a bunch of little kids dressed up in front of their parents screaming the words to the songs is just PRICELESS.

Josh will for sure have his hands full in like 11 years when a few of those kids are freshman, that is FOR SURE.

Grace stop growing up so fast. We love you.


I feel the love

and i hope all the other moms out there felt the love today as well...

Happy Mother's Day to me indeed!