Viva Las Vegas

Josh and I are leaving for Vegas next week to celebrate 5 years of pure marital bliss! However, I'm so lame I'm sad to be leaving the kids behind.

I keep telling myself it's only 3 days.

My mother in law has raised 3 beautiful children, she can handle 2.

Deep breath.

Something tells me my stay in Vegas will include a lot of adult beverages.

Do you think my mother in-law will potty train Grace and break Emmit into his crib while we are away?

Tickle Tickle

Nothing beats the sound of a baby's laughter.


You got what in Thailand?

This is my brother Peter. He got this tattoo in Thailand last week with a bamboo stick by some guy in a hut on the beach. Mmmmmmmmmm there is more to the story, but not so sure my blog friends need all the details. We think it's a salmon...

The Mother of All Father's Day's

We started father's day off with breakfast at Voula's in Seattle. It was great and worth the wait for a table. We then hit up the mother of all father's day beer festivals where this year we all got to taste some of Washington's finest brew. FYI- Josh got a brew kit this year for father's day so watch out next year Josh might have his own booth. We then went to my parents house for dinner and to celebrate my cousin Carl's 17th b-day. It was a great day.

Josh you are a great dad. Your dad would be very proud of you.

Here are some pics of this fabulous day.

Oh and I have to mention that by BFF Brookie Brooke had her baby boy on Father's Day. More to come on that...

Ryan & Josh and the Kids! Just like old times, right!!! Ok, minus the kids.

Megan and I thought this brew fest was for the mom's!!!

Someday ladies you will be enjoying brew fest with all of us. In the meantime stick to apple juice,mmm until your both 35!

Me and my two dads!

Yeah dads!

Brother Peter actually holding Emmit.

Grandpa and his grandsons.

Jackson and Peter!

Happy Birthday Cousin Carl!


Thank You

Thank you mom and dad for watching all the kids! You did a great job.

Happy Birthday Carly

Happy Birthday to Carly!


Just another Wednesday Night

Emmit 6 months today is sitting up.
And getting ready to crawl.

Grace taking a shower with mom.

And getting into dad's shaving cream.


6 Months

6 months and growing.
Yesterday we had Emmit's 6 month check up ( 9 days early) and here are his impressive stats.
18.6 lbs
1 tooth
Rolling over front to back and back to front
Into watching Grace like a Hawk.
Enjoys applesauce, prunes and carrots.
Almost crawling.
Almost sitting up on his own.
75% In Weight
80% Height
85% Head


Fish & Cat

Grace taking in the huge fish tank at the Seattle Aquarium
Looking for sharks.

Close up.

Cheers it's lunch time.

Yeah the space Needle.

This was the best part of my Sunday. The kids falling asleep in the Bob after a long afternoon playing at the park!

This kitty woke up on the wrong side of her baby jogger.

2nd In State

Dad Emmit and I are your #1 Fans!
These two crazy kids trying to show us West Coasters how to tail gate.

Is mom glowing or is that the reflection of my orange shirt?

Nothing beats a cold beverage with a baby in your front.

Papa and Josh carbo loading before the game.

Ahhhh warm ups. Dreams are still alive. Opportunities are still there.

Jackson and Grace first tail gate.

Brooke and Kuba getting some practice. Brooke is due in two weeks!

Wild Jack!
Congrats dad to you and your team for being the 2nd best team in Washington State for high school lacrosse. Your team should be very proud.