I’ve always been # 33.

You know like # 33 in the program.

It is a number that I’ve held onto since my sophomore year of high school.

I’ve used the #33 for various things like access codes or log in accounts all my life.

As of yesterday it became official.

I am 33.

I teased my co-workers and scared my husband with the thought of me wearing my letterman’s jacket to work with the big volleyball patch with# 33 on it. Don’t worry I didn’t do it, but it’s really too bad the jacket comes out only once a year. (That is a separate post altogether).

I celebrated my birthday with sneaky gifts from my husband, like a trip to the spa.

Hugs and kisses from my kiddos.

An early morning call from the one and only person who carried me for 9 loving months in her womb.

I had flowers delivered to my work by SURPRISE SURPRISE my brother. Whew he does love me and remembered he has a little sister living up north.

Via phone I had an entire Beaver Lake Middle School 6th grade P.E. class wish me a happy birthday thanks to Coach B, aka my dad.

I heard from many of my friends and even an old coach from junior high.

I had cake.

I blew out candles.

I ate off a red plate.

And most important I went to bed feeling full of love and joy that I am just another year older and of course wiser!

Cheers to me and cheers to the # 33!