Tulip Town

Tulip Town was quite the adventure this afternoon. Clearly you can see the tulip flats are beautiful. Lucky to live 15 minutes from this.

FYI- For all you tourist coming to tulip town this weekend, please make sure if your with your toddler that you have treats, a change of clothes and for your husbands that you will most likely be dragging along to look at flowers that you can just as easily buy in the store. Well make sure your husband also has some treats and a change of clothes. I'm just saying.
Also, I recommend skipping tulip town ($5 a person) and drive further North to Memorial Hwy, just next to Hwy 20 and you can park for FREE and the purple and pink tulips are just AMAZING.
If any of my family memebers come this North to check out the tulips and do not stop in A-town for a visit or at least a cold beverage your in big trouble. Yes. I am talking to you PETER.