Hat Season Is Here.

For those of you who know me best, understand that I enjoy rocking a good hat all winter long. Apparently so do my kids! Say Cheese!
Sorry Emmit, your girls just giving you some love.
I love my little 23lb 9 month baby boy!
"Say what" Is Grace's new thing to say.

Lemonade For Sale

This past weekend was the Oyster Run in Anacortes and we were having a biker gear sale and we decided to pimp out our daughter on the street corner with a sweet lemonade stand so that she may bring in some customers. It didn't work. But Grace did make $7.25 to go towards her Pony Fund!! Grace checking out her money.
Grace drinking all of her lemonade.

Grace getting a closer look at her table of lemonade stuff.

"Get your lemonade".


Yes you counted right...

That is 31 candles! Good thing our smoke detectors are new in the house.

Thanks Josh for the amazing cake.

I knew this day would come...

When my daughter would be into wearing my old high school dresses. No I did not get married in high school, this was my Jessica McClintoff prom dress!! I was a big fan of gloves for dances in high school, some how those got lost or maybe they got left on the dance floor since I often used them to wipe my sweat.

God I love this girl.
and no I did not wear that Easter hat to prom, although it would have looked good with the gloves.


Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

Like most girls my age we saw the movie Dirty Dancing at a young age. I have to say the movie changed my life. It made me want to fall in love with a older man, rebel against my father and move my body like I've never done before. Ok maybe that is all not true, but you get what I am saying.

Nobody puts baby in the corner...

I will forever be crazy for Swayze.


Double Date Night

The Swapp's joined Josh and I for some adult fun Saturday night. Best quote of the night came from Pat, " This feels like we are going to Tolo".
It was a great night that ended with a trip through Jack In The Box and me falling asleep or passing out in bed with Grace!
Me and the boys!

Close up of Kelsey & I!

Tolo 2009!

Cannon, Emmit & Grace

Brooke and I are crazy, trying to get a 2 year old, a 9 month and a 3 month old to pose for a photo?

Auntie Brooke

Brooke is more then my BFF, she is Auntie Brooke to my kids and if I ever would have completed my confirmation classes while in high school she would also be Grace's god mother, even though she already is in her heart where it counts the most. Grace was into Brooke she was her helper, her shadow and her BFF all day.


9 Months

Emmit is 9 months today.
Not sure how much he weights, but I can tell you my left arm has never been stronger.
Emmit is up to 6 teeth.
Eating everything in sight, favorite things to eat is really whatever it is that we are eating.
Emmit is pulling himself up and walking along the furniture and can stand on his own, holding onto nothing. The first step is not too far away.
Emmit loves to laugh, but mostly likes to make grunting sounds.
He loves his sister and likes to take her toys away. Although, Josh won't like to admit this, Emmit enjoys playing inside Grace's princess castle. He also enjoys crawling on Tug Boat.

We love you Emmit, keep growing and keep making us laugh and smile.


First Day of School

Ok it is the first day of school for Josh. Everyone in the house was ready for school including Grace and Emmit who are wearing some new clothes and sporting a back pack with her lunch in it and a book and her "make ups" aka chap stick.
Love back to school time. New pencils, paper, hair cuts and the big dilemma of what to wear on photo day.
Check out the kids this morning, ready for daycare school!.

Just love this little sassy girl to pieces. I told her to strike a pose and this is what she did.

Showing us her back pack.

Brother and sister...
Slowly falling off the chair...

Off the chair...

Emmit is starting to get the right idea, smile when the camera comes out.
On a more serious note, I am so glad I have another year before Grace is ready for pre- school. Sending her to school with a big desk and a room full of kids and a teacher means she is GROWING UP.