Pre School & Kindergarten Graduation

These are the days...
Forever Young...
Time of Your Life...

It has been a full week or so of graduations and moving on up ceremonies for Grace and Emmit.

First we started with Emmit's graduation/ celebration last week. Half the kids in his class were moving on and the others like Emmit are returning again next year for year two of pre school.

Today we celebrated Grace and all of her classmates who are moving on up to 1st grade next year. GULP.
Seriously, how is this happening?

Teacher gifts have been purchased, year books signed and our fridge is covered in all the year end art works.

Its a wrap.

Close this chapter.

Josh and I and well really all parents deserve a freaking badge of honor or at least a purple heart medal. All joking aside, I'm just saying it's not easy. It's a constant trying to keep up with the classroom calendar and home work assignments.

School year is done!

It's Summer Summer Summer Time!