Bitter Sweet Day

It was a cold brisk walk into my office this morning and I could feel it in the air. Winter is here and the snowing is falling in the mountains.

Tomorrow the beautiful Crystal Mountain opens up for their 2010/2011season.Tonight people across Western Washington are waxing their skis and getting ready to call in sick, (DAD)!

This gets me excited. Trust me a perfect day this time of year would be waking up early heading south with a non fat two equal latte in hand rocking out to some MGMT or Red Hot Chili Peppers making the left turn  onto the boulevard heading up to the hill.

Then I went to the Crystal Mountain website to check it all out. ( By the way the website has come a long way and looks amazing, very user friendly) then I click on this think:

And my jaw hit my key board. Are you kidding me Crystal Mountain? Why is it so expensive?

Going to Crystal Mountain will be like going to the dentist for me. You only get to go twice a year.

In the big picture it is really too bad the sport of skiing is SO EXPENSIVE.  Being in the business of recreation myself, I am sad that the average family would not all be able to go skiing for a day with the cost of tickets, lunch, gas & lattes.

OK, so I will get off my soap box. Don't worry Crystal you will see me once maybe twice this winter if I am lucky. You got the best mountain, the best views and the best volunteer ski patroler I know ( DAD)!

I am just saying it is a little bitter sweet that I will pay that much to go.