Grace and Emmit had a joint birthday party at the Fidalgo Pool this weekend and it was Splashtacular.
I think it was a good time and this year Josh and I had to only have one party for the kids.
What were we thinking having TWO December babies???

The cakes below was made by the one and only talented Grandma Laurie.

 Pool party time.

 Pool Party Room action.
 Grandma D making sure party hats are on.

 Make a wish Emmit!
 Grace you are one lucky little girl!
 Bring on the loot...

 Time to hug it out with your friends.
 God I love kids.
Look at these beautiful young moms.
 Boys showing off their tattoos.

 The after party...
 It got pretty wild.
 Kids with new toys = FREE TIME for moms and dads!
 Arrggg ...
Thank you friends and family for spoiling our kids and helping them celebrate their birthdays!