Last Day of School Fun

 Grace with her teacher's Miss Jodie & Miss Louise.

 If you can't read that, Grace wants to be a Horse Rider when she grows up.
 Natalie & Grace
 The blonds in the class.
 Bubble time on the play ground.

 Ahh Grace has developed a crush on Landon.
I wonder what she is thinking about here?

Maybe that two cup cake, a cookie and three donut hole snack she just took in is catching up with her.

What a great last day of school.


Anonymous said...

These just might be the cutest pictures ever of Grace!! The sparkling eyes and dimples...she's just like her mama...enjoying every moment of her life!!

Love her and love you and your very sweet family,


Sandy said...

holy cow, I see SO much of you in Grace in those pictures!!!! Love them, what a beauty!!! :)