Pee Wee Basketball 2011

Grace started Pee Wee Basketball this morning for the Anacortes Parks Department and I have to say it was a trip watching her participate in a program that we have been running for the department for the last 10 years.
I was so proud of her today.
She worked hard and was a good listener.
I for sure had a smile from ear to ear watching my baby girl move station to station and do her best.
I have to say Basketball is not really our sport in our family, but boy could Grace bounce & chest pass.


Anonymous said...

The "Paint" belonges to you Grace. Box Out BIG.

Sandy said...

love your kicks grace! way to go girl, lookin tough out there, i love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hailing from Annotates,
a Sophomore some day, at 6,6 Forward, with 49 inch vertical Leap,

she has made a verbal commitment to play nice with her brother.

a shot blocking machine and bear cat on D,
she is taking names and kicking some booty,
welcome to the court,

and the fans go wild...

Shaina said...


love her little kicks btw!

Loosy said...

Grace your auntie Brooke is so proud of you.

You listen to your grandpa Bill. He's a coach what has coached the perfect game. That's a very rare feat.

Seahawks I say? YOU KNOW!
What time is it? GAME TIME!
What time? GAME TIME!

Be the ball Grace. Be.The.Ball.

Loosy said...

PS - Love your bron brons and ankle socks! Looking fresh!

Loosy said...

PPS - I respect the tucked in shirt. So does the game.