Grandpa, I think of you often and as I type this I can see your shinny eyes and your warm smile and that image warms my soul.

My Grandpa was a Veteran of not one, not two, but THREE wars for our country.

You were a remarkable man and your legacy is still alive in everyone that has ever met you.

I will ALWAYS remember and think of you on Veteran's Day for as long as I shall live.

 Sergeant Major Howard H. Brosseau

Happy Veteran's Day

To all the veteran's of war I thank you for your services and for your sacrifice you have made for our country.


Anonymous said...

"Good job Trooper"

Anonymous said...

Bill F Brosseau
To all who have stood in the doorway of danger, thank you. Every day is Veterans day. I will raise my class today for all of you Dad, Curt, Howie, Kev, Kieth, Denny, Mark, Pete, Matt. Welcome Home Troopers

Dix said...

Very touching Nicole. All of your accomplishments honor your Grandpa every day! Love you friend.