2nd Daddy Daughter Dance

Getting ready for the dance.
Dancing with dad can be scary Grace!
Family shot!
Cute as can be.
By far Grace's favorite part of the dance, the CUP CAKE!
This past Saturday, March 15, 2008 Grace and her dear daddy went to the 4th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Grace was very much entertained by all the lights, balloons and other little girls that were dancing around.
Grace was more into the purple cupcakes and playing in the rocks outside the center then actually dancing. I think Josh was ok with that. Next year Josh won't be able to get Grace off the dance center.


Tanya said...

Can't get enough of those darling polka dots!!! She is beautiful!
Hope you are well, thanks for sharing your darling life with me.

Love, Tanya

Meg said...

It's amazing what a sucker becoming a dad will make you. Looking sharp there Joshy! -RP