Tulip Field

It's not too late to check out the tulip fields! Grace fit right in on the tulip fields with her tulip sweater and jeans.
We were lucky to attend a graduation party for Josh and his classmates last weekend that was right across the street from these beautiful tulip fields.
That's right Josh has completed his MASTER'S degree in education. Grace and I are very proud of him and all of his hard work.


Loosy said...

What gorgeous pictures of grace. Def. framers.

Congrats Josh!

Kevin said...

Great pictures. Everyone looks great and we will be tip toeing through the tulips next season. I can taste the grilled oysters this summer though. Love ya papa

Congratulations Josh

Tanya said...

I miss the tulips. These are great pictures!!

Ms.L.C. said...

Wow Nicole, you are becoming quite the photographer. Of course, it helps having such a photogenic daughter!! Also, CONGRATS to Josh!

Meg said...

nice work Joshy! -RP