It's Always Good

It is always good to go to my parents house and to see my brother and his family. We live 2 hours away, but we only see each other like every 4 months. So Peter's son Jack is like a big boy, Carly is Miss social butterfly and baby Caitlin is 7 months hold and not a new born anymore. Great to see the family.
Here are some pics from our over night with the rents.

Baby Caitlin smiling for the camera.

Josh and baby Caitlin. We feel like she needs more air time.

Baby Caitlin. 7 months.

Jackson your almost a teenager I swear. Stop growing.

Emmit and Jackson wrestling around in the kitchen.

Big Papa Dawg feeding little man hot dogs.

These cousins are the best of friends.

These goof balls. Jackson looks just like my brother. It's scary.

" Luke I am not your father".

Grandma Dee got it right when she made this mini kitchen purchase for the grand kids at her house.

So After two bottles of Red Grandpa Bill carved the pumpkin for the kids and then put ketchup on his fingers to make it look like he cut himself. This is normal family behavior, right? Just joking dad. We love you.

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Brooke said...

Sounds like G and E logged some GREAT cousin time! I can't get over how much Jackson looks like Peter and how TALL he is!!! Wow.