Breakfast With Santa 2010

Fidalgo Activity Center Kitchen Crew

Grace happy. Emmit not so happy.

This was the best family photo we got:)

Parents kids do not need presents under the tree. They want balloons and lots of them.


Kelsey said...

The decorations look great! You always put on a grea event, next year the Swapps will have to attend!

Kelsey said...


Brooke said...

So happy Grace not only entered the building this year but she also sat on the big man's lap. Great photo of the kids. Especially Emmit.

Blyth Family Blog said...

I LOVE the santa pic with Grace and Emmit, priceless! I have the exact same one from last year. Ava is smiling happy and Miles is totally freaking out. Why do we tourture our children??

Abby said...

Found your blog!! WOW...what an adorable family you guys have!!! So fun to look through your blog and get caught up.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Grace look more beautiful in her "fancy purple dress." Probably Ann Taylor...right? ;) You are a "Splendilicious" or (whatever that word was) mom.

Love you and your sweet family.


Anonymous said...

o.k., commented under wrong post...oops. At least I caught it.
Cheers, Mary