A Night At the Safe

Safeco Field that is.
Monday night we took the kids to their first M's game. I will be honest I have not watched a M's game all season and I didn't even know who they were playing. But it was family night at the Safe and the kids were excited for a big city adventure.
We met up with our friends the Browns and we all held on as long as you could with three kids!
We did it.
We survived it.
Kids got hats, hot dogs, cotton candy, a chance to visit with the Mainer Moose, time in the play den area and chance to run around the stadium.
We must be the M's good luck charm because they did win the night we were there!

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Sandy said...

I think the next game you should go to is the Fukuoka Softbank's just a bit further away then Safeco... :) :) :) love your hat by the way!!!