Birthday Boy

Remembering the day you were born brings a smile to my soul.

After checking into the hospital then getting checked right back out ( small town and not enough beds) you were eventually born in the late morning on December 10, 2008.

Finding out that you were a healthy and strong little boy was the best gift of all.

On the day you were born you were surrounded by your family and embraced by all.

I speak for many in wishing you a very Happy Birthday today sweet Emmit.

At three years old...

You go on the potty.
You eat any type of food in front of you and are willing to try something new.
You LOVE to watch football with your dad.
You love music and playing the drums with and on about anything.
You love your sister,but you also know what buttons to push with her.
You sleep in your bed all through the night.
You make people smile.
Your eyes & smile make me melt.
You like a good hot shower in the morning.
You love your dog.

This list could go on and on.

Happy Birthday Son.

We love you to the moon and back.


Anonymous said...

Looove these pictures of your handsome Birthday Boy. It is hard to believe Emmit is already 3.
Hope he has a fantastic party!!

Mary I.

Shaina said...

Happy Birthday, Emmit or as E calls him "other Emmit" love the last picture of him, looking so grown up now...

Anonymous said...

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