The Guild

So I belong to something pretty darn special.
The Dr. Samuel G. Brooks Guild.
We are a group of ladies who raise funds for families here in Skagit County who have children that need to be seen at Seattle Children's Hospital.
We meet once a month.
The best meeting of all is the holiday meeting.
We are encouraged to dress in out best.
We bring gifts for children at Children's Hospital and a fun $10 or under gift for our own exchange.
This year I was the lucky gal who walked away with a snow man pillow! I know pretty spectacular.
It's a special group of women who all have amazing connections to Children's or who are just very caring.
I am the youngest member by 30 years or at least the only one that attends the meetings.
I find the meetings therapeutic and entertaining.
Each meeting I attend I think of  Emmit and our time we spent at Children's Hospital.
We are so lucky to have that magical place in our back yard.
I appreciate every door greeter, nurse, doctor and provider there and Children's and thank you VERY much for the most amazing smile you gave my Emmit.

If your feeling inspired and would like to get involved with the Guild, just give me a jingle jingle:)


Meg said...

I love you and your blue hairs. You're making a difference, I see it first hand. Thank you. For being wonderful you.

Loosy said...

LOVE all the Christmas cheer coming out of Anacortes thanks to the one and only Nikki B! How many colored tights do you own and are you alternating red and green up until Christmas? And Josh, those cupcakes - amazeballs! Totes impressed. And expect to see those at E and G's pool party! Looks like you've got your mom's baking gene!

Anonymous said...

Nicole Anne your parents are so Proud of you. not just becuase you do so much for so many, but becuase you are a KIND PERSON. All the money in the world can not buy KIND.

Rich has nothing to do with money.